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Sunday, July 30, 2006


A new college is a new life! You need to start everything anew. Everthing that was, are memories. Everything that we envisage would be, are aspirations and how well we put ourselves into work at a new place bridges the gap between these. Finding self in a completely different set of people is amazing. You start back from the scratch, make new acquaintances, observe many things and learn loads of things that you would never have learnt had you moved on with the sedentary, complacent life you now call memories.

A new city is a refreshing change. Every place you see is new and somethings appeal to you and the others repeal. As you amble along the bylanes of a big city you are new to, there are ramblings seeping into the grey cells from areas unknown. Delhi is one such big city which I find very beautiful. The place I live in is very beautiful and huge, ofcourse I am talking of the campus at large. There is freshness and confidence in air in Delhi. There is something about everything in Delhi, which I admire happily forgiving my poor accomodation and the pathetic climate thats prevailing here, but promises to change with every breeze hitting my face through the window of my third floor room.

When we meet new people, it isnt all about introductions and acquaintances. It is about learning about one more life, one more character and one more individual and in that way, when the demographic you meet is varied, the lessons learnt are too many and the experience enriching. Though I havent been able to do justice to this learning process as of yet, blame the time, I am sure the experience will be enriching once I look back upon my experiences here after this present moves on into memories making way for a platform for fulfilling my aspirations.

A new course is exciting anyday, for there are many cards laid in front of you which you eagerly pick up to add value to yourself sometimes faring badly and sometimes owning them. Whatever the result, the journey is always good, atleast when you reminisce! A student, when offered as many as 8 courses in a semester, has the tendency to look up to the next subject to offer something he likes and hence ends up excitingly and eagerly waiting for the subjects to unroll in the initial days. Of course, what he gobbles up and what he avoids like plague depends on what impression these courses make on the poor chap. But nevertheless until the introductions are on and the professor hasnt shown his flipside, the journey to a course is always pleasant! As my courses get unleashed one by one, I am eagerly waiting for some exciting action and interesting work to do in each of them!

Now, to think everything is hunky dory is definitely a mistake! It isnt so good, for anything too good to be true isnt practical and Utopia is something confined to books, and ya blogs too! The place I live in is like a store room, fully cramped up and the food they serve is... Ahem! The less said the better. The climate is slowly picking up, though!

All in all, its a pleasant journey when you are all up for it and I can vouch for that I tell you. The shortcomings in an institute as gargantuan as this are too small when juxtaposed with the enriching experience of learning it offers, and I am inclined to the latter as of now! So, the bottomline is that I am looking forward to everything... For my courses, for my assignments, for my tests and my vacations! :P


At July 29, 2006 7:15 PM, Blogger Saraswathi said...

So finally good to find you writing from delhi.Each new place and people have sth interesting to offer for sure.Its the way we look at things matter. If we appreciate the good at the place and overlook the bad any place will seem heaven.

Keep the show going on there.Have a great time there!!!!Waiting for more updates on your experiences there.Well as for assignments and tests,adi matram kummestaav le..:p

At July 30, 2006 1:31 AM, Blogger chandu said...

enti akkada kooda food bagoleda..

There is freshness and confidence in air in Delhi.


At August 01, 2006 4:50 PM, Blogger PSR Chaitanya said...

hi mama! Nice to know that you are now in Delhi.The weather is terrible here too.It's pouring down continuously. Was nice reading your post in the rain along with the Brajwashi chai :P.

Wishing you luck..


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