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Friday, June 30, 2006

The King Returns!

The title is a take on Superman Returns I agree, but I am a Superman in my own right! :P Actually, I always believe that every person is an Oracle or Hero to someone in his life! I have my own list of heroes and oracles, which if I reveal might surprise the nameholders themselves. We do many things in life that may affect many people in many ways, which we most of the times do not realise. It is fascinating to see how small acts of someone's kindness inspire us to me more humane, how our little and mock scorn puts others down. It is all a complex thing, it is life perhaps!

When you dont do anything, as in enjoying a vacation or something, sometimes people really think you are too free and you finally end up over committing yourself, but its all fun! :D Anyway, vacations are cool teachers. They make u realise how much you miss friends, how much you love life in college and how close you are to some people back in your hometown. This vacation has been damn good hitherto, and when I say damn good I dont mean I have had full happiness and watched movies, ate out and went with friends. Thats like a kid! Thats the happy vacation of a kid. To me, I am happy because I have learnt and realised many things this break. I learnt what importance friends hold in my life and I realised what some people feel about me and the ride was refreshing.

When I think of what and how life is, I always get some philosophical outbursts from the soul. But then, I realised it the other way this time around. We make relations, we sustain them, we cherish them, we ameliorate them and feel happy and then, there are some disturbances, some misunderstandings, some communication gaps, some bad days and we are sad that life is hell only to later realise that there is nothing in time and situation, but everything is in us. We make a relation what we want it to be. We make a friend a good friend, if we like the person! Even with folks back home, we get closer more and more as we see them care and love us more and more. The same applies to any person and we also must realise that being happy isnt being good, being the same is being good, as in suppose you have a friend, if u are together through thick and thin, you are good friends. The thick and thin is not the relation, you and the friend is the relation and that is what we must realise and cherish and am happy I do it!

Coming to the fun part, life has not taken a beating there. No doubts college fun can never be replaced. But here the things are not that bad too. Good company is what it takes to make your days and I have it. Meeting friends with whom you can always be you is awesome! They are the persons who make you feel complete and I always look forward to meet such people.

Future is promising, and as always there are speculations but it is a man's thing not to be deterred by risks and speculations and go on the board and own it. I intend to do it. Visit a new place, join a new institute, make a new circle, start working from the scratch. Will be fun again! Life seems to be promising. Though not sanguine, I am looking forward to it.

Had been long since I updated this place, but now I will be regular. Keep Reading, folks! All The Best to all of you. Have fun and keep touch!


At June 30, 2006 7:16 PM, Blogger Saraswathi said...

I return to comment here first:D
Ya vacations can be fun if u have good company around...the frnds whom u can associate with and talk ur heart out...n no doubt its movie time for lazy folks like me:p

I hav had boring vacations too earlier but no satisfied if i get to sleep unlimited during such times widout work at hand:p

Wats the fun in a relation wid a frnd if u dont have ups and downs rite..u only know them better cos of this..

All the best for all ur future endeavors and dreams!!Keep living life kingsize as always..

At June 30, 2006 9:01 PM, Blogger TMaYaD said...

King returns??? Is he ever gone? :P
I sure like to hear about all those heroes and oracles of yours. Any plan on posting them here?

At July 01, 2006 1:36 AM, Blogger santosh saladi said...

hi maama..
nice to hear from u after many days...
u make good posts...
we miss u at DA-IICT...
as long as DA-IICT exists "NARESH DA KING" is UNIQUE

At July 29, 2006 8:13 PM, Blogger Rahul said...

Superman is a Naresh in his own right !


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