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Sunday, April 23, 2006


In the final lap of lapping up my graduation, here I am amidst lots of questions and perplexities, yet undeterred and as hoplessly lazy as ever. Though the external garb of having fun and whiling away time is intact, there is something, rather a lot of things, eating me away! I bet this is the scene with most of the guys around! Anyway, to each, his blog! So, let me pour out all my issue in my blog. Others can follow suit on their blogs.

Actually, as time is ticking away, I find no motivation to pursue my project nor any inclination to do anything seemingly productive. Of course, the pressure, both from peers and profs, compels me to act as if I was really working for the project. But, I can fool everyone around but not myself. Moreover, the project is not my concern. I am comfortable with whatever little progress it has made and am sanguine about passing out. What I am bothered about is life after that.

What to do? Rather, what not to do? How to set priorities? How to choose between my goals? To put personal or professional things first? What to give my relations and what to expect out of them? Sometimes, this is really very tough. In a relation, you always need to be aware of the other person's expectations. A friend may expect something else from you, but you may look at it as the other end of the spectrum.

Then, we have goals in life. To rush or not to rush for them? When pursuing something, how far do you need to keep other's expectations on you in mind? Can you exercise freewill everywhere? When we seek support, are we strong enough to lend some too? When we seek solace somewhere, can we be a solace to someone else? Is this relative?! All tricky questions, I know! But as life is, the show must go on! Questions must not take too much of our mindspace, they can take Google's webspace instead. Thats why I prefer puking them all out on this tiny little online abode of mine!

Today, after ages, I had been to a temple. It was peaceful, no doubt! I have a tiny little objection to the way we worship. Why the aartis, poojas and all? I prefer a peaceful place where you go, pray, sit in calm and come back! I never found any such back home. Luckily in most of North India as I assume, they do not perform too many poojas and temples are peaceful. Back to business, at the temple today which I visited for the first time in my four yeard here, I read about Dada Bhagwan. He is one Mr. A.M. Patel who, on one fateful evening in June, 1953, met god in Surat Railway Station. I dont know how much I believe in that, but the writing there floored me. He attained self-realisation, relinquished worldly pleasures, and attained nirvana after that rendezvous with god. He understood life, happiness, truth and spirituality. I am just waiting for one such encounter with something, divine or demonic, wise or otherwise, which can drive me to solve all my puzzles on life!


At April 23, 2006 10:44 AM, Blogger Prasoon said...

well, you think anyone around cares about the project - think again - i am ready to denounce everything for it n i guess i'd be happy settling for a C too but shayad fate has other plans - KK will be there in my panel for sure and rest would be future - kya karein - the decision has been made

however - you are thinking too much - abhi zyada aage mka mat soch - delhi ja - mba kar n do saad baad yeh sawaal uthane ki zaroorat hi nahi padegi. be true to theses lines - i went lol after reading them
Questions must not take too much of our mindspace, they can take Google's webspace instead. Thats why I prefer puking them all out on this tiny little online abode of mine!

At April 24, 2006 10:22 PM, Blogger Rahul said...

We don't observe the reason behind rituals. It's not wrong to desire for a silent temple but the idea of recitations and rituals cannot be made to sound ridiculous.

At April 27, 2006 8:21 AM, Blogger Mayuri said...

hi naresh, first let me thank u for your comments on my blog. :) secondly coming to your question 'After Graduation..what next?' well u answered this question on your comment on my post. Life is about making choices. We always have the freedom to choose. As for planning, that is one thing I personally haven't done, and still havent fared to badly! ;) I have however, made choices at every turn in life, and I seem to be fine with them. It ultimately depends on your ambition, your drive and motivation. Good luck! :)

At April 30, 2006 12:07 PM, Blogger Riddhi said...

well, phases in life come and go, but some perplexions are forever!
But thats the beauty of them...

At April 30, 2006 6:26 PM, Blogger Mayuri said...

hi naresh, iv not found the link that links my blog to my mail! yeah im on orkut, and i posted a scrap there for u as well. as for my association with IITM..its on orkut, u can read when u find the time! cheers! :)

At May 05, 2006 7:46 PM, Blogger Uday said...

"Questions must not take too much of our mindspace, they can take Google's webspace instead."

Long time since I had heard the so called classic jokes of yours. Good to see some.. :D


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