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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Two paisa of thought

Everything in this world exists in pairs! This is a cheesy line that earned me an easy A in one of my courses an year back. But on retrospection, it does seem very right. The most fascinating two I always reflect upon is Good and Bad.
We are in a world, where we want to pick up things, sort them into two types and then bring them together, so as to erase the differences and then deliberate upon them with each of us pumping in our own two pence on what exactly is the difference between any given two, how similar they are and what exactly is delineating them!
We divided ourselves into men and women. We said Men will earn and women will cook, then we realised it wasnt to be so. We amended and finally today we say they are equal and we have unending debates on whats the difference between men and women and how equal or unequal they are.
Coming to my fascination, I dont think there have been many persons whom I percieved entirely to be the same all through my relation with them. They have changed, they have evolved I say. But, the bottomline seems to be that the way I look at them has changed. Thats all. They were, are and will be the same. Impression lies in the perception of the perciever!
I feel someone's good and someone's bad. But, whom am I to rate them? Am I considered worthy enough by them that I can rate them? Can only good rate or can even those percieved as bad be daring enough to percieve someone as good and someone else as bad. In the world I live, the 50-acre wide heaven for me as I see it or haven for lazy people as you see it, I have never been percieved the same way by people all these four years. I can bet a fortune on that. Nor have I thought of everyone the same way as I think of them now. Some respect levels increased, some hostilities drooped and some things just got cut off!
But why?! Something that doesnt appeal to me, might be life for someone else. Some simple thing that I like might be loathed by others. Recently I saw a movie and termed it good, and a friend whom I consider among the most closest of mine, said it was bad. So, is there any commom platform from where we look at and judge things? Should there be one? Banning orkut on my college server was bad for me, but it was good for the authorities. Of course, after a dialogue that ensued, things settled. Does that mean something bad turned good or vice-versa over that dialogue? Does that mean we can change anything we want with some dialogue? Are we that powerful or we so measly that we accept the malaise we live in and continue being morons.
We are in situations when we are insecure, scared, frightened, joyous, boisterous and what not. Sometimes we want to change the situation we live in, we want to turn life into terms of out own. Is that good? Should we try to transcend all nature and change what we cannot? Or should we just feel despondent and accept what ever is being served to us? Is trying to take control of things good? Or, is cribbing over not being able to do so bad? Or, are they just one and the same? Should we discuss on how close, yet how apart they are? What should be our duty?
If something is not in our favor, is it good or bad? Its bad for me. Then, if by some other metric it is held to be good, does that mean I am bad? Is anything that negates good bad and vice-versa?
Are there really just two things that exist in this world or is it just one same thing which we percieve to be two, and deliberate on it? What is it?


At March 14, 2006 7:39 PM, Blogger Prasoon said...

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At March 15, 2006 1:18 AM, Blogger enginerd said...

"Everything in this world exists in pairs!"
"... an easy A"

Are we talking of DSP here?

At March 16, 2006 3:40 PM, Blogger Sarat Chandra Addepalli said...

dude there's nothing like black/white. everything has shades of grey in them. the best way to understand this is through the subjects we are learning.

the very concept of digital vs analog was concieved only by man. what we think as 0's and 1's are but representations of how we look at the world. nothing is perfect like a zero or a one. everything is analog in the real world. everything is either voltage fluctuating between levels, or charge maintained by capacitors. in the real physical world there cannot be perfect 0's and 1's, although the trial and attempts for them will always be there.

i hope i did get through to you without boring you out.. [:D]


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