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Thursday, March 16, 2006


We often read in biographies and history books that great thinkers would debate and discuss at cafeterias and eating joints about their theories and all. Don't know if it is to emphasize their involvement so gargantuan that they think even at luncheons and all or to make a point that chilling-out joints make you think, but I am sure that banter at our own galla sure does make me think sometimes!

Been there after quite sometime today and was sitting there with a group of people, and caught the sight of two young kids playing behind us. One of them was indulged in himself, thinking to himself. I wondered at how impressionable we, as children, were. There was a rush to be someone, to do something dad did or to use something elder siblings did. We were all so very gullible that we wanted to be printed by what others did. Of course, that kid was not truly a kid, at least according to me after listening to him speak. He effortlessly blurted out some serious expletives, which my ethics and writing etiquette prohibit from putting here. In fact, this is one of the ills of being impressionable. We fancy using foul language that elders use.

Being almost graduates, we are still in that rush, a weird rush to be someone else overnight. Probably, I may not be true enough to generalise it to the wider demographic. But, I find myself in a rush sometimes! A mad rush to achieve everything I want, all at a time. The last one month one of the most common questions I have been asked was where I see myself ten years down the line. I wanted to say why wait ten years, I want to be and do anything and everything I ever wished to be overnight. We, or at least most of us, have given some or the other exam for Masters and have applied to some place or the other. It is common observation that none of us have the patience to wait for the process to get over and the results to arrive, at least me! Not that I am keeping fingers crossed or am overtly tensed about it. In fact, I couldn't care less if the results were all against me. But, there is some rush, something in me that wants to get done with things.

At this crossroads, there is a rush to follow and pursue dreams, rush to apply for anything that can stabilise the supply of green notes into my pocket, rush to settle many things personally and a rush to rich, famous and powerful! But, then maturity is all about having the patience to hold your nerve and see through the entire process, anything it be. Isn't it? But then, when we know that we can't bend the tree, why hang on to that last branch?


At March 16, 2006 10:35 PM, Blogger Amod said...

very true and nicely put've already commented on my 'contentment' blog that it is man's duty not to be contented and strive for better and better!!So this is the underlying basis of all rush that you're talking about. Obviously we should try to keep ourselves above others and since everyone is trying the same there has to be rush. And don't you think we should be enjoying it because we're well equipped with a fully-functional brain, developed thought process and desire??

At March 18, 2006 11:24 PM, Blogger I Am Sam said...

right said..people are rushing unknowingly..and without analyzing real-self and potential, they get trapped in rat-race.. and why people afraid to walk on road less travelled??..need to be questioned..


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