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Friday, February 18, 2005


Though my previous blog was mistakenly published when I wanted it to save it as draft to complete and publish later, I thought it made a point in its own right and let it be there. I have lost hope and given up on the angle of a girl understanding a guy's genuine feelings towards her. I think girls rely and believe more on what people tell them than what they see... I have no time for such people.
Anyway, giving up hope on something has made me much lighter and as an addendum has come this evening that I will cherish forever. I dislike maintaining a blog like a diary, but I would like to pen down(rather punch down) this evening as this has been really great. I had gone to the reservation complex for booking a ticket with Raj and there started my nostalgia. I had seem Mayank and Khushboo there. My romance ;)) with this pair dates back to second semester when I forwarded their personal mails to guys on my friends list. Actually, I did not unearth them, just got them as a forward. But, thanks to my huge address book, people thought it was my find :P. There we started our trip down the memory lane. From the days in first semester to teh day after second sem when me, Raj n Pavan waited from 3am in front of the reservation office to get a Tatkal ticket and through the lanes of each semester we reached the present. From there we went to 21 sector and in an open area sat down and were discussing our future, lives and startegies. It was a great discussion.
Its always nice to talk to friends. After a hearty discussion like this, you feel you are more close, you feel you have one more shoulder to rely on. I have often wondered why some people regret having joined my college. For me, though not in all aspects, it has been great. It has brought me to so many friends. It has given me new life. It has taught me independence, individuality and above all a self-respect to live upto. It has shown me a lot of stuff and a lot more people which I could have never seen had I joined some local college of Hyderabad. I would have been a kid behind my parents had I been there.
But the thought that there is hardly an year left of all this makes me feel bad, sad and what not. I will have to leave my friends, those with whom I have spent the best part of my life. Thinking of the day I leave them makes me sad. I feel much more attached to each one of them as everyday passes. From Pavan, Chhara, Sasank, Gupt and my dearest rowdy batch to Prasoon, Anand, Manabesh, Steve and many more others. I can't imagine a day without them. But at this point I feel my previous blog makes more relevance. Anyway, I don't know whats in my future but I know my present is full of my friends, all of them very very dear to me... I love you guys!!!


At February 18, 2005 11:20 PM, Blogger Lusus Naturae said...

ECHO, BuddyIt's a gr8 feeling to hav gr8 friends

At March 04, 2005 4:28 PM, Blogger simple complexities said...

yeyeyeye naresh feelings sad only 1 year left in college...hf :)


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