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Tuesday, February 01, 2005


You may call me emotional, you may call me boring but the truth is that when I introspect in solitude I find some intricate things tht seem to boring to me also later. But, as I believe that blogging is nothing but writing what you feel, I am putting it all here. I basically like to write a lot and I write only when I am alone. I dunno the reason but I have learnt to live with it. When I wrote an article for the college magazine on non-activity of gamers, crammers and shammers..., one of my friend Bharat seemingly got inspired and told me in this semester tht he wants to change, courtesy the article. I dunno frankly how much of what he said is true, because a majority of my friends have this habit of saying such things to poke fun, but I count of Bharat that he doesn't belong to that clan. The fact that he was inspired made me think, it made me think of what effect each intention of a person reflects upon others. Sincerely speaking, I haven't written even a single piece this semester because now I think that it is not intention alone, but responsibility interspersed with it that has to go into any of my writings. I want to stand up to my own writings. That doesn't mean I pull out all the spice out of it, but I have to give a new dimension to whatever I write, a dimension that I am looking forward to discover. Probably, this is what I want to say to all those who are asking me to write soon. This is what I wanted to say for long, but never could. Probably this is the emotional turmoil that is haunting me this semester and I consider it a change, a change to which I have to stand up with additional maturity. Probably this is what they all say a continuous growth process.
Again speaking of intentions, I feel people don't tend to understand your intentions. A friend of mine thinks all those who are around him all day aren't really his friends, at least as I see it, because they are always in a lighter mood with him and are laid-back and reluctant of everything. I wanted to tell him that it is not those girls who he speaks to seriously that are good friends, but it is these friends who are reluctant that are his real friends. Real friends don't come with a tag. They are to be discovered. Someone coud as well ask how can I say that his so-called real friends are not real, crtsy my own statement? Good, but my conscience tells me that boys are better friends for a boy any day than a girl, because you fec your life's ups and downs with these guys and not those girls. But special cases do occur, like I have Ramya. One of my bestest friends I must say. Though we never sopke to each other face-to-face, but e-mail had kept us close enough to go thru life's ups-and-downs together. I dunno where I am going to in this blog! The world is an Enigma!


At February 01, 2005 10:42 PM, Blogger Prasoon said...

Real friends!Well quite possible that what u said was right but what i think is also right.. none,no one is truly bothered abt where i stand on this damn piece of earth..
this is as i see it!
whom did u speak abt btw??n is there ne chance that u list the bestest of ur friends,i mean i'd happy to see where i stand..


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