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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Whats going on?

Ending of a semester means one more bag of memories, one more vacation and one more grade card. All these have been good for me last semester and no prizes for guessing that this semester would have started with a bang. But, alas, it isn't! There is a zilch in middle of infinite. Everything around me is abuzz with activity, but I am not feeling like getting into any of them. From a dear friend who expects me tho help him out in sponsorship of a festival to my own passion, The Fourth Estate, I am unable to do justice to any of them. The Reason? I would have loved to tell you, had there been any. I have everything here, infinite resources, sufficient time, nice bunch of friends, but still I am missing something perhaps. I am wasting time. Just not being able to manage it properly, rather not wanting to do so. Am I complacent? Definitely no. Am I pessimistic? No again! Then whats it that bothering me? Probably Motivation, the drive that compels me to tread the path less travelled.
The only worthy thing I have done in this semester, apart from pulling myself to all the lectures save SEN where I have missed 3 of them, is to create this blog that I have been planning to start for a long time. This has been at the backburner of my brain for time unknown. Just when I wanted to scrap Rajeev a Happy Birthday on orkut, I saw his blog id n decided its high time I had one too. Now, probably I should look for motivation from every thing I see. Can anyone guide me where I can get it?
Ofcourse, orkut has taught me from its thought for the days tht Past is the Best Prophet of Future. So, probably its time to introspect!!!


At February 01, 2005 10:48 PM, Blogger Prasoon said...

I guess reading The Alchemist again would help...
Gettin to the point,u think u really lack it??
A trip abroad isn't just a result of lack of motivation.. Dude,look towards it,ur life past it and fly high!


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