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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Its Over...

The very thought that mid-sems are loong over gives me a high. No exams to fear of, no portions to cover and no deadlines to meet. But life is definitely changing. Each day in me injects into me some strength to prove myself, ofcourse to myself. Sparks of determination and hope are always there to be noticed. I am on a quest to conquer each of them.
This weekend brings in me a lot of hope and a feeling I just cannot describe. Two of my very good friends celebrate their birthday this weekend and one of them on the Valentine's Day. Coming to V-Day, I think its a day of love, care, friendship and compassion. Its a day when you ought to express your unexpressed love to everyone, it need not be only to the opposite sex of the same age, it need not be the love that ends up in your marriage or whatever some years down the line. It is to express the feeling to someone that you care for them, could be your mom, dad, friend or any one else. Its just a chance to say, " I care". Of course, I have my list prepared. It baffles me out right when every one knots V-Day with boy-girl romance. If V-Day is the header, Boy-Girl College Romance isn't the packet, its just a small part of it.
V-Day is more about compassion and care than love. This V-Day, as I dream of it, my group should be devoid of any hard feelings. All those who have let their egos take the control over their friendship should realise on this day that egos are those raging horses of a chariot, which if not controlled at right time, may leave you in a dangerous, pitiable state. Though work is underway, I don't think there's anything substantial going to come out of nowhere. In my trials to convey this feeling to each of them, I have realised just one thing. Most of these guys are ego-bags. Even I have an ego, but I guess I am better than many of these, I see no point in fighting with a friend who has been with you through your thick and thin all through the major part of your student life-Engineering. I tried saying, Let Go, but I met with stares that told me Please Go...
I know guys its hard to let go of hard feelings and leave your egos aside, but just give it a try. I am not asking you guys to settle issues with some long-term rivals or some enemies, just friends and that too those whom you live and hang around with. Just Try.... Probably its time to say, "Its Over" and carry on in life, with everyone's care and compassion in your hand. Just Try!!!


At February 12, 2005 8:43 PM, Blogger Rahul said...

Good one. Well my V-day gift would be 14 sonnets [ 14 lines each ;} ] on 14th of February. God knows which girl will have the forbearance to go through them. n i'm glad i've no ego, n i'm thick too, specially lower middle back part of me. :p

At February 13, 2005 10:57 PM, Blogger mahoo said...

hmmm..although not being a major fan of v-day or going all red! sum how all the major events of this year have brought a rather dramatic twist in my life...but i wud completely agree with ur statement ..just let go and start over..after all every cloud has a silver lining!

At February 14, 2005 2:13 AM, Blogger Prasoon said...

U think the latter part would work.. I still am not ready for it tho i know you would've written this wid me in ur thoughts..
Saying Its Over may be easy for the defaulters, but for the bearers of pain,its not so easy to let go things..
What da ya think?


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