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Friday, February 04, 2005

Beguiling Black

At last I have had the experience of highly touching Hindi Cinema(is it???) as I wanted. Soon after the classes, rushed to Black today with my all-movie partner Sagar, many-movie partner Blast and few-movie partner Nitesh. SLB scored outright in the initial scenes itself. When Rani's voice echoes in the dark theatre from behind a completely black screen asking you how long you can bear this darkness, you feel nothing but compassion for those who have been meted out injustice by god. As the movie went on, it touched more and more... I bet a majority would feel a humidity amidst the layers of the eyeball while watching the movie. The movie has left an indelible impression on me. It raised the determination levels in me to create a fine script for theatre group. With company in Atul Sethi, I think I should be able to do that.
After the fairy tale of cinema was over, came right into my face rushing ravenously the furious SEN meeting. The concept of Use-cases and Features had taken one hour of mine and seven person hours of my group and yet I don't think anything sunk in, atleast for me it didn't. Back from SEN, I think its time to write something for ICTian. I am expecting Rahul to deliver the goods on time. Coming to Rahul, I couldn't comprehend what he wrote of me and Prasoon in a comment for one of my blogs. This is one man whose vocab is so vociferous. He is the uncrowned king in this department. You should check out his blog. It is one place I would suggest everyone to carry a dictionary to.
Coming to blog, Prasoon is also one freaky blogger, I learnt of late. Ofcourse all his blogs are garnished with implication towards one entity, AN entity In Lower Artillery. Can't give the Coke tagline here though, he is totally stumped by the entity and I think total trumpery should have been his blogname. But alas, Man thinks oneway and god the other. Prasoon has learnt it the right way in life.


At February 04, 2005 11:17 PM, Blogger Prasoon said...

bstrd..u named her widout even naming her..
n for god's sake,leve a link of my blog somewhere on ur blog also..I too saw the movie n i'll soon write abt it but i'm angry coz u dint tell me u planned to go for the movie..
waitin to hear ur reply.

At February 05, 2005 12:01 AM, Blogger Rahul said... dobbing here plz. at least here tell truth raa.. :(( and roflol artillery girl :)) amazing man. Wokay lemme see what I can garner for the ICTian by the next sunrise...


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