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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Opposite poles attract!

Probably this holds true for everything in the world, even movies.... After my blog yesterday, at dinner, Koduru in full excitement announced that a contingent was starting to City Pulse for Shabd. Added to this Manabesh's devotion for the movie and Avi's harangue on it, I was also compelled to oblige. So there I was, by 10pm, in City Pulse, watching Shabd with shabd-less 7 other pitiable souls. We were left speechless after the first scene itself. Had it not been for Yashwant beside me, I would have walked out of the hall very shortly after the reel started rolling. The ambience was just right to have a good nap. I slept somewhere in the first half and got up just as the interval was just about to conclude. [:)]
On my way back, in the 2-3 km walk, we discussed various issues, like how each one of us got into DA-IICT, satisfaction in life, what we think of some people and many such things. I like such discussions among friends. They always bring us closer. Manabesh has a knack for such discussions. He is one person perfectly in my wavelength most of the times.
Finally when I am here in the lab to study something for the mid-sem, I end up here in the blospot blogging. Rambo is here with me whaling away time with Mastin aka Kilari. You lose track of time when u r in such company! Hmmm... gotta study!!! zzzzzzzz.............


At February 05, 2005 10:25 PM, Blogger Prasoon said...

How did all this figure out speaking "Opposite Poles Attract.."
I mean that is't clear as to what u are talking of??what/who here is opposite?
n what did Bobli write that u figured out..i cudn't make sense outta that,whatever it is,tell me quick!


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