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Monday, September 11, 2006

Brain Sheet

Life seems beautiful a moment, wonderful the next and awful later! That is life for you... End of exams might seem beautiful, party after it wonderful and coming to room to realise that there's no net, awful! Cant help it... Of course, there's always lot to be read between the lines. Coming back to the case in point, I cannot reconcile myself easily to the point that the "supposedly one of the best" institutes of the country has no proper internet infrastructure also. I feel the LAN here is like monsoon and we the Indian farmers. We need it, but never can rely on it, and due to our resignation to fate, we have nowhere else to go! Thats Life... Choices made, and the circumstances thereafter! And life is about looking beyond what meets the eye. The flare of love for this place occurs thanks to the people and studies here, and that helps us sustain all the odds! Drawing from a movie and customising, no place is amazing, you need to make it one... Thats your duty when you go there and people here are doing a good job of this!

I am suggesting... Life is not about looking behind, but looking beyond. Proof?! Minors came and minors went... They came, they saw and they couldnt affect me :P Minors were not as rewarding as I expected them to be, for I was not as commanding as my professors expected to be, ofcourse on the subject! But then, life is about looking beyond. Who cares?!

Silence is indeed an emotion. When you have a thousand things to say, and realise that the other person has not much time to spare, its mature and meticulous to be silent! Time will always tell you which path to tread, ofcourse if your mind is tumultous and till then it is angelic to keep silence! I sometimes wonder why keep silence even when you have something good, bright and positive to say?! But then you need two hands to clap, and something becomes what you expect it to be, only when the recipient feels the same about it. You need to have thorough cognizance of what the other person is in, what constraints they are in and what conditions they may have to face if your silence is broken, and act accordingly! Something is good only when it is told at the right time! No wonder the legend has it that patience is a price-less virtue!

I earnestly support silence all the more when people make uninvited jabberwocky! One lady, bless my net that doesnt allow me to search for her name now by hiding somewhere, filed a PIL against A certified movies and shows and TV, and we want to be a developed nation! Jesus..., or as somone asks me to say... Rama! :P

This is no propaganda for adult stuff nor am I hypothesising that number of adult shows on tv is a metric of development. All I am saying is that people should realise that it is impossible for us to stop people from circumventing systems. You ban A-rated stuff on TV, and buy your 5-yr kid a personal computer with unimaginably fast broadband connection. What does he download?! Its human tendency to do and look at stuff that they are prohibited from. It is better to educate kids, breaking our shells of staying put on such issues, and help them turn into mature individuals efficiently! It is no sanity in saying my kid doesnt watch tv, he is a saint! Its 100%, unadulterated foolishness!

Neither am I suggesting adult channels nor am I chastising that lady, all I am suggesting is that we have a better way to handle all this! You cannot ban airlines for a September 11, the same holds here too! If the fault is in us and our upbringing of the next generation, why blame the tv channels and the movie-makers?!

PS: The topic has been derived from Balance Sheet, the snapshot of a company's financial status at a given point of time. This Brain Sheet is a snapshot of my mental status as on Saturday 9th September! :D


At September 11, 2006 11:43 PM, Blogger Saraswathi said...

haha..the climax of the post really made me laugh..
coming to ur coll,ya its really surprising that reputed institutes lk IIT-D do not provide proper infrastructure but then all u ppl can do is adjust..

and i always blv silence is the best speech..i recently came across a saying..if ppl cannot understand ur silence they ll nvr be able to understand ur words..

coming to the channels some extent we can curb A movies or serials but then as u said it all lies in the way u deal with children..and the more u prohibit kids to do sth or sto watching sth the more curious they ll be to do it..

awesome post as updating more frequently:)
and lked the usage of rama too:)

At September 12, 2006 2:10 AM, Blogger TMaYaD said...

Yeah, Harita used to complain about her pathetic net over there.

I don't know much about silance. If I'm silent everyone will be convinced something is gravely wrong.

The view of orrthodox moralist (this includes tjhe police and the magistrates, but hardly any modern educators) on the question of sex knowledge may, I fancy, be fairly stated as follows. There is no doubt that sexual misconduct is promoted by sexual thoughts, and that the best road to virtue is to keep the young occupied in mind and body with matters wholly unconnected with sex; they must, therefore, be told nothing whatever about sex; they must as far as possible be prevented from talking about it with each other, and grown-ups must pretend that there is no such topic. It is possible by these means to keep a girl in ignorance until the night of her marriage, when it is to be expected that the facts will so shock her as to produce exactly that attitude towards sex which every sound moralist considers desirable in women (Marriage and Morals, Bertrand Russel)

At September 15, 2006 3:55 PM, Blogger desh said...

LAN in IITD crap??? Doesn't matter, the nly thing you cant have now is day-nite out FDM playing Movva with u:P

On silence thats not really my domain, don't know what it is, I don't remember when I was silent last time.

TV channels that's nice, I mean good movies should be shown. Terming sensible movies dealing with Sexuality as Porn can't be taken much more. I mean in India even kissing is a taboo, so even a movie that gets categorised seperately.

If don't try to move beyond this people here would never be able to enjoy Pedro Almodovar or Kar Wai Wong. BTW nowadays I have joined Film Society at Bangalore so having fun watching foreign language movies.

At September 15, 2006 3:57 PM, Blogger desh said...

And what’s heavy on your brain sheet rite now???

The assets or the liabilities?

At September 15, 2006 5:19 PM, Blogger Leela Vinod Kumar said...

well, u should've posted ure P.S. on top.. was wondering wat made u jump from one thread to another, when most of teh other times u wud generally stick to one flow thru-out.

and when I was thinking of posting in the mornin / afternoon, there were only 2 comments and now within hours there's 2 more !!

All this while I thot ure complaints of slow-net were isolated incidents; but the ground reality is really saddening...

P.S. : btw, I've posted a really mast ad of a Isuzu Gemini from the 80's , but unfortunately, I dunno how many days ure now going to have to wait it out before it is fuly downloaded and u can view it too... ;p

At September 20, 2006 11:55 AM, Blogger laksh said...

cant believe that net sucks in IITD....
in the present day of advanced technology, nothing can stop children from watching the adulterated stuff..its better to educate them on tht rather than trying to curb...
anyway gud post.... :)


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