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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Light at the end of the road

Adios, Amigos dear friends... So said a famous stage personality and gracefully exited the centerstage for his life. Going out is something anyone can do, but doing it with grace is what matters. When you leave something, incumbents should miss you, not thank god because you left. That would be a disgrace!
People join their jobs, earn fame and riches and when it's time to bid adieu, their egos do not let them to part away from what they hold. I may not exactly be right when I attribute it all to ego, but I believe winning and losing has got nothing to do with what you feel, it's all ego-consciousness that both enjoys and suffers, wisely quoted by S.Radhakrishnan.
Why does anyone fall in love with his position? Because it offers the person riches, gives the person an identity and earns him/her fame that he/she long waited for. Once they are in love with their job(this happens mostly with posts), they refuse to be 'former', they refuse to leave whenever and wherever possible.
I know success brings you name and fame and a following to die for. But, no supper is super without a proper dessert. Success and fame that you earn as an incumbent, is temporary. It can be made permanent only by a graceful exit. If you crib about losing your position and stick on to it for longer than necessary, people lose their respect for you and consider you plebeian. They forget, rightly, all your successes and contributions in that extra time you try to hold on to your position. The more you try to hang around, the more ground you are losing in their hearts.
This happens in many places. Politicians, very prone to illnesses due to old age, refuse to leave their seat to let the youngsters make a mark. While there are ministers who can't listen well and yet try to speak to foreign dignitaries, there are people like Milind Deora, young and dynamic, who are left to speak to the journalists and do nothing else. What impression does this leave of the country? US President goes for a periodic physical health check and gets a 'Fit to Work' certificate to plant his foot in the White House. Do such a thing in India and half the ministers won't make it!
Cricket! The breath of India. We made heroes of players, we made cricket a profession many youngsters are dying to get into, just to realise their fairy tale of transforming from rags to riches. Aspiring cricketers don't do it for the sake of the game, but for the social status it gets, the riches associated and the recognition earned. They just want to make a quick buck. When I say this, of course, I am not speaking of the entire fraternity but the black sheeps we must be ashamed of. Players earn coveted fame and awards, captaincy positions and do everything on right occasion, but when it's time to bid adieu, they just don't want to do it. After all the paeans all through their career, they start recieving brickbats. Media criticises them, people loathe them and then finally the selection committee drops them. Only then do they budge and stop. The last graceful exit I had seen was that of Steve Waugh, and he recieved a warm applause on his retirement. I feel Azharuddin deserved something similar, but his ego didn't let him take the plunge and the result, he is left amidst allegations and scams. No matter how rich he is, he isn't the same old 'messiah' anymore! Even his rare achievements are under the scanner to check whether they have been fixed.
Movies, the second breath of India, show similar symptoms. Heroes refuse to recognise their age. They take the phrase '18 till I die' a little more than seriously. Any one who wanna have a hearty laugh, come over and I will show you the clip of an aging Telugu Superstar trying very hard to dance, with the ravishing Katrina Kaif! *ahem* There are directors who refuse to leave the arena, even after it is tacitly told that their genre is no more accepted. Do all these people live in eternal darkness? or is it that they decide to live in the bliss of darkness when the world is revelling in the light of contemporary intelligence?
Whatever be the reason, when people are losing grace and when authorities are propelled to kick them out, an indignant being in me says they should be incenerated. Ofcourse, I don't agree to that, but there should be some ego-checking mechanism in place perhaps!


At August 24, 2005 2:48 AM, Blogger Rahul said...

Oh yeah ! Try telling that to Rahul Koduru and maybe you should also realise Megastar is now a pentagenaraian; it's time for him to stop running around the trees with people like Shreya whose age does not tantamount to even half of his. Obviously Balakrishna is a class apart - never rejects the hooey filled faction movies despite the scads of flops he's had recently.

The world is full of selfish people and the foundations on which selfless citizens wish to survive are always undermined. It's high time the hoary bonces of Indian political scenario react to reality and act accordingly. We've been reamed enough by your oh-so-honest services. I only hope Yuva will be more than a movie. Yes we need your experience, if you want to help us, but you don't need a position in the office to serve the public if you are sincere.

Azhar definitely deserved a better exit if not for all the hoopla of match fixing at the end of his career. That time was not probably not the heyday of his career but he was still playing well only bey !

At August 25, 2005 8:10 PM, Blogger shikha said...

oh yeah v true!...
have u read "who moved my cheese "???..its on similar lines....ppl are habitual to their present condition n every one resists change....n wen the condition changes , ppl start assuming d things are still the same...ppl who change with the changing times emerge as legends (n there r v few of dem) ....n who dont end up in darkness......

At August 31, 2005 9:40 PM, Blogger I Am Sam said...

well said naresh!! many of the highly reputated people say nay for disgraceful exit. either they die on the throne or create hurdles for others. Just take the case of Mr. Kurien he is 83 years old but still wanna to hold the position. Same is the cast with politicians, instead of giving chance to to young enthusisatic politicians, all high posts are given to old people. Taht's why we have the younest prime minister in age of 43(rajiv gandhi) every one else was more than 65..

My opinion :old is gold phrase does not suits here..

At September 02, 2005 6:36 PM, Blogger Elf said...

I totally agree. The steve Waugh types are very very rare. I don't know abt Azar, but it is a disgrace to see RajniKant still romancing PYTs young enough to be his granddaughter.

I doubt if there'll ever be a retirement age for politicians in India. its sad that here, 45 pluses are termed raw and inexperienced. Sad for the nation.

And as Rahul says, hope Yuva inspires some young blood.

At September 02, 2005 10:02 PM, Blogger Abhi said...

gud article...and also the comments...i feel u bunch of guys have tht "yuva" thing in u...then why not gor for it.

At September 05, 2005 5:48 AM, Blogger Twilightgirl said...

waah waah!! how do u come up with such things...awesum!

i sooo sooo agree with the politician system...i just hope a day comes they all get to write a qualifiying exam or something re....that would be perfect kickass.

btw blog

At September 06, 2005 3:11 AM, Blogger Abhi said...

naresh ...i have added ur blog in my list of interesting blogs...hope u wont mind for tht

At September 06, 2005 12:03 PM, Blogger vasanthi emmanuel said...


At September 10, 2005 1:34 PM, Blogger shaan said...

disgraceful exit !!! mebbe i never thought on those lines ... but still what we hav here is a situation where some one doesnt want to leave behind the glory or power he accumulated ... mebbe for good of his or all ... but certainly there has to be an exit point or retirement .. why becs its totally natural ... otherwise no one would ever have grown old ... well written king

PS: why on earht u hav that word verification ovr here

At September 13, 2005 11:57 PM, Blogger Hul said...

first time in your blog. your posts are a bit too long for me to concentrate and read! but they did make an interesting read...will be back again.cheers.Hul

At September 22, 2005 4:22 PM, Blogger Hul said...

*read u r post fully now
*Why does anyone fall in love with his position? - because it offers him a challenge! - this may not be related to the filmi/politicians that you discussed.
*Probably the filmi & politico stars have the properties of GREASE. They follow 'never leave';

At September 26, 2005 9:30 PM, Blogger Me said...

Hey ! How're you ?
have you stopped blogging ???


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