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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Get Brand-y!

Nope... Don't get me wrong! Am not in a mood to get on a high, am high on life already! :D As has been said, is being said, and will be always told on this blog, Brands are an integral part of life. While we perceive of products as the shapers of our habits, we pursue brands as the reason for crystallizing them!

From our childhood, we have always been using products, but we do not consider each of those products brands. For example, though I buy a certain company's footwear most of the time, I am open to other brands too, for I do not consider it brand enough to woo me, where as, call it loyalty or addiction, nothing out of HUL in Home and Personal Care products for me! :D

So, I am sure each of you must have been influenced by some brand or the other somewhere in your life. Now, please take some of your time, and let me know what are the brands you associate yourself the most with and why? In other words, what is the brand you are most loyal to, and what is it in the brand that makes you so?

Branding is never concrete without advertising. They always must and will go hand-in-hand! An ad is a review to the book called brand, and it is reviews that drive people to read books and love them! Hence, I would also like to know what are the advertisements that have captured your attention and enslaved you to the brands? I personally know many people who went berserk over the Pulsar-Definitely Male campaign and bought one! What is your such experience? May it be brush or a BMW, do let me know!

Advertising, when good, can only help a brand in gaining mindspace among its intended audience. But, when it is bad, it gets notorious. It digs a grave, and buries the brand in such case. So folks, also the advertisement that turned you off totally from a product. I am waiting...

To put it straight, these are the three things I am looking for:
  • What are the brands you are most loyal to and why?
  • What are the advertisements that made you like, buy and idolise a brand?
  • What are the advertisements that turned you off totally from a brand?
Post your answers as a comment!

I am waiting eagerly, and this is to study Branding and Consumer Behavior. Had been trying to capture this somehow, but never knew the way, until an oracle, a dear friend Arpita Sharma gave me this idea! Thanks to her... :)

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At August 21, 2007 10:50 PM, Blogger Melody said...

How strange, Sakshi & I were just discussing brands and brand consciousness earlier today!

I'll tell you what I told her, I'm so NOT brand conscious. Am, if anything averse to becoming loyal to a brand - it would cut of my options I think!

The conversation, incidentally was started over the advert for the spectacles, what're they called - Zeuis? The ad promotes the idea that if one's spectacles are not branded then they are losers.

Seriously. How lame. Yes, totally turned me off.

At August 22, 2007 8:19 AM, Blogger a blue eyed girl said...

Hmmmm well this will be fun. First of all I am most loyal to my store brand Trader Joe's, because not only do I sell these products on a daily basis but I also buy them myself. This next one may sound funny but I will only buy Hellmans brand mayonaisse. Theres just something wrong if someone brings any other kind into my house, and my fridge looks like its missing something if its not there. I guess advertising I really hate and makes me never want to buy their products are fast food commercials. They always show slim, attractive people scarfing down Big Macs and supersized fries when in reality that food is the major cause of obesity in the US. That really disgusts me.

At August 23, 2007 12:20 AM, Blogger apps said...

Thanks for the hat-tip!

Has anyone seen the ad for Amul Macho? Has to be the most-in-bad-taste ad I've ever seen. I mean... seriously! What were they trying to do there?

Then there're some ads which make you appreciate the sheer ingenuity of the concept- advertising as a work of art, so to speak. The Happy Dent ad being a case in point. I don't know how many people went ahead and bought it just cause of the ad, but it certainly does add to the brand recall.

At August 25, 2007 8:14 AM, Blogger Saraswathi said...

Interesting post!!

1.) I am as such not very brand conscious. But ya the brands am loyal are the brands which maintain their quality no matter how many competitors come into the market. If I find a product with a better quality I would surely switch brands.Ofcourse if you have your relatives/friends working in a particular company you could be biased to that particular brand. But even then for me QUALITY is the deciding factor and not the brand.

2.) Ads which made me buy a product. Hasn't happened till now that way. Ofcourse I enjoy watching ads but will not buy a product just cos the ad tells me to.

3.)Ads which put off from a product are the ads which exaggerate too much.Ads like fair and lovely, fairglow,ponds age miracle cos i know you would never become fair/young by using such products.I know all ads are exaggerations but something beyond the limit really puts me off.

At August 25, 2007 2:16 PM, Blogger Sangeetha said...

1. One brand that I idolize is fabindia, for its sheer consistency and affordability.

2. An ad I liked and want to buy a product?! Well... I don't think there has been any such ad, but Hutch comes pretty close. I like their entire campaign, and it somehow makes you feel good for owning a product I guess.

3. Ads that I got turned off - I totally agree with Saras, I would never buy any fairness cream for the same reason, for I hate the way "fairness" is glorified, esp the latest Fairever ad with Asin - sucks big time! Yuck! No self-respecting woman would need such fairness cream!

At August 27, 2007 12:31 PM, Blogger coffebreak said...

Neat blog dude!! Sadly haven;t heard you speak as much English as you seem to be able to write :P

Is doing an MBA making you look around and question the commercial world like you are? or is it the influence of Baisy and Harish Choudhary out together? :D

At August 27, 2007 4:33 PM, Blogger sakshi said...

Well...the brand I am loyal to is Sony. And I totally dig their Sony Vaio Ads.

As Mel mentioned in the beginning...totally hated the Zeuis Glasses Ad.


At August 28, 2007 11:56 PM, Blogger Seshadri said...

I may not be so brand conscious except for certain silly things like - the pen i use; i somehow feel a cello gripper brings out my best handwriting..:)..otherwise,a brand that you would always find in my house (for some 25 yrs or so..) is the parachute oil..no1 in my house has even thought that any other brand can even take its place..if you are looking for intangible products also..obviously i wud say - Google..its innovation and perfection (well,) is what i always associate myself with..

ads- again, i dont think i have ever bought sumthing coz of an ad..but wen it comes to idolizing a brand, i wud also mention Infy..the media-friendliness, and constant endeavour to portray itself as the face of IT is what has made a difference to Infy..

ads that i dint like-ther r many (dont even remember some of the ads)..but one was the Onida Oxygen or sumthing, which used to air a few months had nothing to relate to, with the product and the Onida devil is totally out of place these generation dusnt even know,why is he there in the first place...

phew..will let u know more, if i remember


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