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Saturday, July 21, 2007

The CON Factor!

Your personality is a set of beliefs that you accrue over all your life that you have lived. These beliefs can be of various types - ones that you have learnt from your parents, those you have observed from others lives, and also those which you believe because you have supreme faith in the person who has that belief!

Eating is a result of hunger, and similarly belief is a result of either Conviction or Confidence. When you say something all by yourself, it is because you have Conviction in it, and when you say it because someone else has conviction in it, you say it because you have confidence in the person who has conviction in that belief.

To me, there exists a fine line between Conviction and Confidence, and when we say something it is not always because we are convinced and have conviction about it, but most of the times it is because we have conviction in it.

Conviction, as per Merriam Webster, is a: a strong persuasion or belief b: the state of being convinced and Confidence, from the same source, is b: reliance on another's discretion.

So, it is confidence in my mother that I agreed taking bath is good for us when I was a child, and it was my conviction, after falling down from a table, that it is advisable not to dance on edges of high tables when you do not want to be hurt.

Confidence and Conviction are what differentiate between the real and good Sales people. It is a known, understood and assumed fact that Sales people must be confident. I don't say this out of conviction, cos I have not had any proper experience in Sales yet, but I say this out of confidence that I have gathered from many knowledgeable sources. When you gather knowledge or learnings of it from others, you gain confidence in an accepted faith and you tend to patronise it, all the time keeping the baton of responsibility on the person from whom you have mustered that confidence. Where as, if you have experienced it first hand, what you have is conviction and this is what gives confidence to others in you.

At Sales, if you are confident, you could be in. But, you could sustain or rather make others stand up to it only if you have conviction. Consider a sales person at an LCD television store, if he has conviction about the product he is selling it comes naturally to him to persuade or rather suggest his customers into buying his product because he can see where his product stands better than other televisions in the market. Where as, if he is just confident, all he can do is talk to the customer and probably force one or two into buying it, but never can he communicate the brand completely to the customer. That is the difference between conviction and confidence. Confidence can give you a start, but conviction is what takes you where you should actually go.

Towards the end, you would naturally realise that confidence that my posts are readable might have come from previous posts, but this post could give you conviction that it indeed takes lots of confidence and insanity to bear through all the crap I dole out to you here! :P

Happy Reading...

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At July 21, 2007 9:13 PM, Blogger Shubham said...

Definitely a good point. I believe that whenever I have conviction in something then I can easily convince the other person, but when I don't have conviction then I use my confidence to impress them.

Nice post. Post about IIM Cal, well that will have to wait for now. Let me have some experience and only then will I be able to do justice in my post.

At July 22, 2007 2:01 PM, Blogger revatechnic said...

what a post yaar... wonder wat instigated you to write all this... conviction that you had to confuse fellow comrades, or confidence that you will be congratulated... ok i think right now i am suffering from verbal constipation...

At July 23, 2007 11:35 AM, Blogger Prasoon said...

Can I confidently guess who ur convicting here ?

I think I know but I'd be happy if you say "NO" :)

At July 25, 2007 8:06 AM, Blogger a blue eyed girl said...

Ah great post, loved your explanations and examples of Conviction and Confidence! You are certainly right, I find that in my job, the more conviction I have when I speak to a customer about an item they are interested in, the more confidence they have in following my suggestions. The best salespeople believe wholeheartedly in the product or service they are selling.

At July 25, 2007 11:04 AM, Blogger PSR Chaitanya said...

After reading this i am confident; no, convinced that my IQ has hit moronic levels. Am still confused.

At July 27, 2007 11:59 AM, Blogger Sur said...

I would like to add something in context of the salesperson, that if you are confident just for the sake of being confident, without being convinced then u r fooling both urself and the customer!


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