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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Blogging for Branding...

Today, or infact tonight, seems to be the blog on brands night! :P In addition to the blog I posted hardly a couple of hours ago about Brand You, which is just below so am not linking it :P, I thought it would be better to put here a post I wrote in one other blog of mine which I decided not to carry forward for it provided me no good features I was looking for. Lets discuss that some other day, and stick to the post here:

Blogging to me, and many others I know, is a way to express yourself. But, what is it exactly that we get out of blogging? Is it satisfaction, happiness, security or acceptance? Probably it is a mixture of both, to me, it is the comfort of expressing yourself without any interruption.

Imagine talking about Gandhi. An illustrious figure that he is, I am sure when one is discussing Gandhi in a group, one cant speak for a continuous 5 minutes, which I assume a 1000 word blog post would take, for someone would chip in with appreciation or condemnation by then. Where as, if you are blogging about Gandhi, the canvas is all yours and your paint-kitty is full. You can write whatever you want, and then decide whether people speak and discuss about it or not. This is the biggest advantage of Blogging according to me.

Further, there are 100 things in each of us that are unknown to others. Mostly, people play it to the galleries when interacting with others. I mean we show that facet of ours that best suits the situation and the other person. It is never our complete self, which can be known and understood only when we want others to. This can be done either by expressing it through action or words. Expressing one self completely through actions would take loads of time. Imagine yourself wanting to prove it to others than you heart goes out for street children, and that is why you don't donate to child beggars at junction for you feel they are coerced into it by begging mafias. This could be interpreted in 100 ways, ranging from you being rude to indifferent to impassionate, based on the perciever. Where as, if you write it in a blog saying this is what i feel, teh writing is on the wall and everyone knows what you feel.

This is nothing but Marketing yourself, and that is what I think we blog for. We make ourselves heard, and invite people to know us better. That is the motive of Blogging for me!

This was my post there, and talking about blogs and brands, I guess I must link to Daniel Lyons who branded himself as Steve Jobs on his blog which he called The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs. Is this surrogate branding?

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At August 09, 2007 11:28 AM, Blogger Sur said...

Interesting post!Blogging is revolutionary in the sense that it has given a voice to everyone. People never had such a medium to express themselves to the world, ever before. 'Fake Steve Jobs' wouldn't have been possible in any other medium.

At August 11, 2007 4:30 AM, Blogger a blue eyed girl said...

great post! what i love about blogging besides the fact that i enjoy writing, is i feel more open to talk about things im thinking about, or beliefs i have. i think one of the biggest compliments i ever received was when i shared my blog address with a co-worker. he said "wow jen i never imagined you had such interesting and varied opinions". because like you wrote:
" we show that facet of ours that best suits the situation and the other person. It is never our complete self, which can be known and understood only when we want others to." well said! :)


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