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Monday, May 30, 2005

LDRs V1.1

Now that Amod has postulated the concept of LDRs and I have experienced their existence in this vacation, I thought it would be prudent enough for me put something on them, too. I realised the importance of distance in relationships only after I came to this place. I always had friends/acquaintances who stayed a stonethrowing distance away from my place until a three years ago. Then DA-IICT happened and life changed, must say for good.
In this 3 years, I have learnt that you need not necessarily be physically near to a person to affect him/her. I have had my share of LDRs to comment on. This vacation has given me feedback on how well I keep up with my LDRs.
I like making friends everywhere I go and have made them through several ways like friends and orkut. Its a great feeling to meet people with whom u r in an LDR. All my school friends whom I grew up with are on the first of the list I meet once I get back home. I am very comfortable with maintaining an LDR from a real long distance, rather than meeting occasionally. I share a great bond with my friends on orkut and blog I never met, but when I got a chance to meet them once I was at home, I was a lazy ass and couldn't make time to meet them. Thats ofcourse a regret!
I wanted to meet Alak and Raj Reddy when I knew they were in town, but the scorching sun and my laziness compelled me to stay home, eat and sleep. But ofcourse, the bond never weakens!
Reunions are just too good. But, thanks to my laziness, I manage to have a very few of them every vacation. I meet my school friends, Chandan and Vinod every vacation, but this time around I couldn't meet Chandan and Vinod. Thanks to the very short distance between our homes, I met Ramya at last and must say the meeting was wonderful. Its great to see a friend whom you know very well but haven't ever spoken to in person. The fact that the company is larger with her family makes the icing on the cake, ofcourse!
The other side of LDR comes from the temporary distance in regular relations. On teh vacation, I missed all my friends a lot. I would browse through all the paegs and communities of orkut reminiscing the sweet memories of teh semester that was. I would read all teh blogs of my friends over and over again just because I missed them a lot. I was always in constant touch with Prasoon through SMS just because I was missing my college, my friends and my life I have been used to for teh past three years. After a vacation, the meeting of friends in the corridors is a wonderful experience that just cannot be put in words. Ofcourse some lazy butts liek Steve who are nowhere to be seen even after two full days since arrival annoy, the fact that the more you look for someone the great the meeting is is some consolation.
An LDR is even more sweet when its with someone so very close like a sibling. My sister is in US for the past 6 months and no one knows better than me how much I want her back with me. Distance, in this case, has consolidated our relationship and we are more closer now.
I have grown more closer to my parents after I joined this institute. The distance that prevails brought with it a sense of longing between us and we grow more and more closer as days pass by.
If not in all, I guess distances do help relations in most cases. The very few cases they fail being those where the distance is permanent. I feel if the distance is not permanent and an LDR sustains, the relations is bound to flourish.


At May 31, 2005 7:14 AM, Blogger Smartalec said...

Very very well written! Man now I know why i kept stumbling on ur blog time and again... Dammit! Why is everyone getting so very sentimental?! Nonetheless I found it similar to my tale! I realize I love my paresnts, sisters and friends a lot more now that i'm leagues away from them!
and hold on! that reference to me is unacceptable! I've improved a lot you know.. sleeping at 11 pm, getting up at 5 am, jogging, library, etc! howzatt!
welcome back 2 blogging! keep up d good work!

At May 31, 2005 11:59 AM, Blogger Twilightgirl said...


yea u pretty rite abt this LDR re..
infact u being in daiict is like nearer than being in hyd...:P

now now..itna senti....i m wondering how much more painful my life will b...:(
but yea the bond surely fortifies...something worth it afterall...

At June 04, 2005 11:51 AM, Blogger Amod said...

well naresh... when lost is found the pleasure is more than finding something new... bcoz new stuff may look lucrative, enticing n appealing but where r those sentiments and memories that u cherished??
Dig out our old addressbook n catch up with lost guys...and u'll know where u stand. LDRs revived...


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