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Friday, December 31, 2010

Ring Out The Old, Ring In The New

The lines of Alfred Tennyson are so well-etched in my mind and I recollect them at the juncture of every change in life. In fact, the only lines or learnings that I recollect in life are those that I have assimilated in my childhood. I do not recollect or relate Solid State Physics or Organic Chemistry to my life as much I relate Pythagoras Theorem and lines like 'Water, water everywhere'. Have I stopped learning after a certain point of time in life and have been just dragging on since then? It amazes me.

Its December 31st, and the town is abuzz with talk of New Year Resolutions. Before making a resolution for the coming year, I remind myself to sit back and reminisce on what happened to the resolutions that I made last year. It was only one - To write more regularly; how regular was in contemplation then and things haven't moved much since then. But for the sake of posterity, I thought I would just ring in a post on to this blog before I ring out the year.

The year has been fantastic. Professionally the best so far! With just a few years down, I know that doesn't make much of a sense, but lets say it has been an immensely satisfying year. And the best part has been ONE MORE CITY! Mumbai has been amazing. From helping unleash my own potential to realising what an organisation to getting back into the bratpack after bearing the shackles of being a disciplinarian for over two years has been a welcome change. It has brought back the memories of Delhi, Gandhinagar and Lucknow which defined me. While Gandhinagar inspires me to understand a person before judging one, Lucknow does to live life with a heart. Delhi inspires the foodie in me, helps me eye power with an awe, defines festivities, instills the dreams to fly high and Mumbai inspires me to work hard and harder to get to it. The seamlessness Mumbai demands is something that gets me going.

With a predecessor being good, the successor starts off with an onus of delivering even higher. But I shall not put that burden of expectation on 2011; rather, would give it time to unfold at its own pace and engulf me into it and offer me more and more pleasures of life. No resolutions, no welcome bangs, no expectations. You are on your own! Bring it on... The only resolution is to write continuously which positively I shall!

Happy New Year!

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