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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Roti, Kapda, Makaan aur Mobile


Mobile is the buzz word of the country today. It so happened years ago that when someone purchased a mobile, it was news in the entire colony and when someone wanted a new mobile connection, they had to pay for receiving calls too. Then mobile slowly made its presence felt in day to day chores, and mobile starting popping out of many pockets. This was the time when having lost my dad’s mobile, I was dead scared to face him and called my sister to ask her if we could trace lost mobiles back.

Cut to present, mobile is anything but a luxury. Mobile is something that started off like an Armani, and is on the verge of being a jockey, with absolutely no offence to any of them. Mobile never seemed to be a necessity in the country to the depth of justifying the title I put, but the advent of lower tariffs, cheaper handsets made it what it is today.

In villages with no toilets, no schools, no hospitals, we have mobile stores today, and I honestly don’t know if I should be proud of it or feel a sense of self-pity for my country! :S Is mobile really that much a necessity as we perceive and make it out to be? Is it really that indispensable, at the cost of what the family could have at the cost of the mobile especially in rural India?


At July 16, 2008 11:40 AM, Blogger mphaxise said...

Villages with no electricity now has mobile phones, true, now is that a fact for which we should feel self-pity for the country.

From my experience of traveling in the rural India, studying the mobile phone usages, i don't think people think it in the same as they are having mobile phones at the cost of food, clothes or house. From what i saw, having a mobile phone definitely has both psychological advantages and more subtle financial advantages. First of all, it does bring a sense of status, security and the feeling that they are now connected and get more information.

From a farmer, who told me that with him having a mobile phone, he now gets updates from the nearby markets on when the auctions for produce is happening and thereby saving a lot of his time and he can now prioritize where he can go sell his produce.

I know this is all there in publications about hte benefits of ICT, but hearing it from the actual people is a different experience.
Mobile phones have also enabled a lot of other ecosystem services so thereby increasing opportunities for the rural people, which were never thought of before.
Anyways, all i want to say is we should be proud that the mobile as a computing device is the first one to reach to such a mass scale.

At July 22, 2008 6:20 PM, Blogger தமிழ்நெஞ்சம் said...

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At September 30, 2008 11:03 AM, Blogger nickysam said...

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