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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Social Sense

B-Schools today have turned more into Brand Schools than Business Schools. I dont intend to pick or prick any school for any malignant activities, but I am musing over the mind-sets we carry into B-Schools. We are no more there to study business or add value, we are there to get branded and get heavier by the pocket. Sometimes, it feels so mean...

We talk of Corporate Social Responsibility, but there is no mandate for Social Responsibility at institutes. I completely agree that students from reputed institutes like IIMs, IITs are venturing into taking up social causes sometimes, but they are not IITians or IIM guys to me, but they are what we call Social Entrepreneurs. While it has been a trend at foreign business schools to groom Social Entrepreneurship in its student body, sadly, in India, we have always been trying to portray ourselves as Brands.

I completely agree that students in various B-Schools and technological institutes go for peace marches, light candles at India Gate, upload the pic of Indian Flag on Independence day and a plethora of such activities. But, that isnt anything. What we need is our student body and go shake the needy and give them what it takes to cross the Poverty Line. Institutes, especially B-Schools, should engage in activities that generate employment opportunities for poor and needy.

It is easy to say every year a few of our students get into Social Entrepreneurship, but who is monitoring their success, and what about the untapped potential of the other students who are risk-averse and do not plunge into Social causes? That is why, I feel, institutes should not leave it to students to go out into the world, use the learning imparted and make a difference, but should infact involve in several social activities themselves. The students, however much interested, do not dare to take a plunge into social entrepreneurship unless highly motivated. Institutes can fill this need gap, and motivate students during their 2 yr or 4 yr stay at institute to get into social entrepreneurship.

ISB recently signed an MoU with Cornell University to set up a BoP(Bottom of Pyramid) Lab under its Wadhwani Centre for Entrepreneurship, but then ISB is still considered a school that is very different, catering to very different student body. We still have to wait for other schools to take a cue, Indianise the concept completely and lead their young minds towards developing young India.

There are many young, bright and enlightened minds waiting, what we need is a direction which institutes could sure provide!

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At August 31, 2007 2:33 AM, Blogger Saraswathi said...

Lovely post!

Incorporating these social responsibility initiatives at an institute level will do a lot of good and infact spread awareness amongst the student community.


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