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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Pulse of Power

It is always very important to ask the right questions, or at least, give the right options. For further details, dial Kalanidhi Maran. The media baron of South India, whose SUN network enjoyed a near-monopoly over the southern TV tubes has finally realised that it is twilight and the sun has to set sometime. Not that I am writing off Sun network, for it is one of the best managed organisations down south. The marketing acumen is fantastic, and the stress on being a step above the competition is always there to be seen. But, when you rub power the wrong way in India, you are doomed. A matter of concern, but a truth we have to live with.
Personally, I feel indignant at the developments after Dinakaran, a newspaper run by Kalanidhi Maran, brother of once Union Minister Dayanidhi Maran ran a poll asking the Tamil readers who the next heir to 'Kalaignar' Karunanidhi would be. The poll showed the public opinion to be in favor of Stalin, instead of the eldest son of DMK Supremo Karunanidhi, Azhagiri. This was a reason to ransack the press and offices of Dinakaran, and set ablaze a few of them!
That could be taken as hooliganism of non-existent fanatics, but the dust that has been flying hasnt yet settled down. While the dust was flying in the air, we had an enterprising Union Minister putting in his papers, making an emotional press statement that he would die a DMK supporter and now, we have in front of us the first brick to be hurled at Sun tv.
Raj TV, the bete noire of Sun, will now be the DMK mouthpiece. This article in ET speaks about how Raj TV will now replace Sun TV in being the official channel of DMK. Tamil Nadu political parties sure seem to be fascinated by television. From distributing television sets instead of health kits to owning or patronising a television channel each, they all groom a strong penchant for the idiot box! This release in Sify states that a new channel being floated by Raj would be called Kalignar (as Karunanidhi is fondly called) and could also adopt the logo of his party. Duhh! Even before this news was out in the market, the Rs.16,000 crore Sun network has witnessed a fall in its scrip and Raj has seen its own rise! All this for the only folly of rubbing power the wrong way.
If you thought political power is always this way, and there is nothing new or worth blogging about in it, try this: Students in karnataka are selling their medicine seats for lakhs of rupees. Students, that too to-be graduates at that, nurturing hopes of becoming saviors for millions of patients out there are trading their seats. What does this speak of their integrity? What will they do once they become doctors? They might refuse to operate upon a patient until he pays a hefty sum. Had this been from some rural, uneducated illiterate we could have neglected the claim. But, students pursuing medicine are doing this. Karnataka students who have multiple seats due to their top ranks in and outside the state, are selling their medical seats in the state for hefty sums as per a report in Times of India Bangalore Edition yesterday. The torchbearers of tomorrow are burning our tomorrow. The next time I go to a doctor, am going to skeptical for obvious reasons. All this has happened for the students have been bestowed an additional power due to, alas, their merit! So much for being bright!
All this excess power in the wrong hands is all we need to make the nation powerless!

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At May 22, 2007 4:10 PM, Blogger Saraswathi said...

Oh ya the state of tamil channels is very very bad. We never watch the news in the tamil channels cos we have "biased" news always going on. Jaya Tv shows the news only related to Jayalalitha and Sun Tv used to do it with Karunanidhi. We used to have a very good impression of Raj TV and now that they are going political its sad that even a medium like television is exploited so much by political leaders.

Feels the days of Doordarshan were much better and happier!

At May 23, 2007 8:07 PM, Blogger desh said...

agree with saraswathi tht dd was much much bttr

anyway Jaya-Karunanidhi battle is boring now, tamil nadu needed a chng smone like dayanidhi to come up, he quits bcoz of stupid petty politics

abt ktaka students selling seats, as long thr is shortage thr will be black marketing...

btw do u study tht as part of ur curriculum???

At May 23, 2007 11:29 PM, Blogger Prasoon said...

I stopped reading after this line - It is always very important to ask the right questions, or at least, give the right options. because it was true to the core and you know, how you n I act :)

Why speak of DMK-AIADMK n SUN n etc - naresh, get a life ;) Guss politics - will ya?


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