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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sell Ethics

An age old debate... An age old myth, and the legend gets dynamic by the day. How, what, where and why of Sales have changed over the ears... Sales is an amazing process. If one has the conviction, it seems like the best job to do!

Its amazing to sell people things they want, I believe. However, due to competition and challenging targets revised and revisited everyday, people tend to bluff about their own self and ruin the reputation of sales like never before. This is the pitiable state of sales.

People hate sales personnel, and students think learning sales is all about learning to lie. I loathe it when people say to sell means to lie. Do you have to lie when you have to sell something? Just cos u highlight the positives and try to conceal the negatives, does that mean u r unethical? Or even the basic question one should ask perhaps, is being unethical inadvertent?! Why should a sales guy have to lie?

Or is it that a sales guy doesn't lie, but people think such! Imagine a situation of Mahatma Gandhi. With all great reverence to the man, I feel he is a bald, lean, poor man who has not enough clothe to drape himself! Then, we have a nation of a billion and counting, praying him, idolising him and naming their kids after him. Why? I ask them, and they say he is a great man... Are they lying? Are they being unethical? On retrospection, I realise I was wrong, for every coin has two sides.

Life is all about looking at the silver lining overlooking the darkest of the clouds. If someone can see the positives, realise their importance and communicate it to someone effectively and deliver them something, of course also having some defects unsolicited sometimes, is that unethical? The above statement, according to me is the gist of sales. Does it sound unethical? Is having conviction in something and delivering it unethical?

People say the ability for sales is to lie, and I beg to differ. Is it that? No... Anybody can who can call a spade a spade will realise when a person is lying. Sales is not about lying, it is about passion... Having passion for the product you sell, towards the commitment to the customer you sell it to and the passion for your job!

To conclude, this is what I feel as a student, so one wud have to wait and see wht i wud feel once am in the quagmire :P
As King Naresh says... All's well in hell! :D

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At February 24, 2007 9:55 PM, Blogger Saraswathi said...

Good thought there. I don't know much about sales but I can surely talk of the point you made about positives. There is always a positive side to everything that seems bad and negative. One of the lyrics that aptly defines this is "Mann is ravan jo nikale, ram uske mann main hain"(from swades). Once we take out that negativeness all we see is a bright positive world.

King Naresh...All is well that ends well I would like to say:)

At February 27, 2007 12:11 AM, Blogger Bharat Jhurani said...

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At February 27, 2007 12:14 AM, Blogger Bharat Jhurani said...

hey hi.. nice blog!!! keep goin!!!

At March 01, 2007 10:58 AM, Blogger Lusus Naturae said...

its all about perspectives. Putting in other persons boots and all those things. You are pursuing an MBA course, so it becomes an intuitive question and as a person who needs motivation to do what he does, you will intuitively support your argument, but when the answer strikes, you would rather declare it than running around the bush. Clarity, Brevity and focus make a good answer-Himanshu Dave.
And Oh!btw, you sell well!!


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