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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Y Factor

There are always times when you need to ask questions. There are always times in life, when you are completely surrounded by questions and are in no distant hope of any plausible answer. Call it destiny, fate or life... It is all the same... A galore of Questions...

O troops of the King, who amongst thou is the ablest of all? Huh, another question to question self and find out which question among the given set of questions is the question be answered first! In life, one question pre-empts all and finding that one question is the biggest question of life. You find the right question, deal with it and touchwood, life is bliss!

Think so??? If it were that simple, it would never have been called life. It would have been called wife, perhaps! :P Duh, wives arent as simple, the legends say... Pardon my ignorance on tht front, I shall get back to you soon ;)

So much for my dead pan humor in the dead of the night. The essential question we have been dealing with in this post is what is the essential question of life. Is there a question that is necessary to be answered in life? Is there a question that if answered shall bestow all lowly souls like me and morons like you (the deadpan taking over :P) with worldly pleasures and unworldly treasures? What is it that in quest of which we burn like candles, blow away like dust and get crumpled like pieces of paper?

To me, the essential key to happiness lies in one single word -- Why? The quest for answering this single question at the beginning of everything one does shall land one at the doorsteps of Nirvana, from where you could rock the stage singine 'Rape Me' :P (I realised I suck at dead pan humor :P)

Coming down to theories that make business sense in life, lets ask each of us a question. What is that you want to answer in life? I think the answer should be why. If you are waking up early in the morning, ask yourself why are you waking up. When we want to pull out that extra penny out of the wallet, we ask ourselves why. When we look at a gorgeous girl and feel like love, we ask ourselves why do we need it? Why governs our life like nothing else does.

To think this why is all pervasive is nothing but nonsense. There are situations when you shouldnt be askin a why. To go very close to a girl and get into the smooching mode and asking yourself why is nothing but suicide. God! Am so intelligent, gimme one chance to show it all :P

Fun apart, though I have been strictly ordered not to venture into Management in this post, I plead guilty of passion for Marketing and Management and tell you the most important question to be answered in Marketing is also Why. Why will the consumer buy my product? Why will my product sell? Why should I launch my product now and why should I launch it this way? This is what Marketing is all about. If you are able to diagnose why the consumer is not completely happy with the market and develop solutions to fill that need gap, there you are... at the top of the Market...

All in all, one important question you should be asking yourself is WHY are you reading this blog... Answer it and do temme if it is anything other than your insanity!



At December 13, 2006 2:52 PM, Blogger Rahul said...

Trust instincts. Rely on faith. Don't ask question. Don't ask me why :p

At December 15, 2006 12:28 PM, Blogger Sarat Chandra Addepalli said...

me reading your blog just so that i can post a comment, and indirectly say "look, even though you forgot me, i still didn't forget you" :P

At December 29, 2006 8:48 PM, Blogger Lusus Naturae said...

I am reading this coz I was lookin for an excuse to get to nice terms with you...after this comp thing gets set...

Btw, it is this mystery which will never be solved....There lies no answer...and here I go searching for it...Just like youa...yet.


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