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Friday, May 18, 2007

Solutions And Problems

A daisy fresh morning, and all you have to do is follow that routine of yours which has been routine for too less, but nonetheless a routine. Routines are weird. Eventhough you arent bored of it yet, the very though that it is going to be a long routine bores you. Things you still enjoy seem boring cos in a long run, they are supposed to be so. The inner conscience seem to act according to the future. It saves you all the trouble of transformation of things from enjoyable to boring, by directly pushing them to the boring bracket. Even when you are enjoying it, some inner voice keeps telling you, 'Its boring, its boring' and you have no other option but to be bored.

Hardly a week into corporate life, am jinxed. Not that I hate my job, but I neither enjoy it. The reason?! I know its gotta b boring in a long run, so I am already bored or so my conscience drives me to. This is probably the case for many people out there who enter jobs and know this is going to be their future for times to come. We pursue a job as a solution to all our problems, and their realise that it is the only problem we possess. People like every job but theirs, they feel everything they do is crap, there is nothing to learn and blah and blah! This is occasionally true and occasionally untrue, but the feeling seems to be universal.

Is there a single solution to all our problems?! Everytime we pursue something as the ultimate solution to everything else, we realise it is our problem. We pursue Post Grad as a solution to boring jobs, jarring routines in office, family pressures et al. We join and realise that Post Grad is our only prob and we need to get out of it asap. We yearn to break out of it and join the corporate world, where the real action is ;) (Sarcasm unintended) Probably this is why they have made the concept of Summer Internships. Mid way through PG, we feel it is high time we stopped studying and started earning. We enter corporate world for a brief stint and realise what crap life can be, only to look back at PG and realise what an equal crap that is. Now, there is no solution to this non-existent problem. This eventually takes us the concept of existence of the stigma of problem in our conscience.

We always want problems. If there is no problem, we conceive the first thing that comes to our mind as a problem. Sometimes it is girlfriend, sometimes family and sometimes job. Whatever it is, we just cannot live without problems. The next time, anybody asks you to jot down those 5 things you cannot live without, do add 'problems' to the list. The reason for this probably existent. Life, for many of us, is the pursuit of a solution. We are so crazy about finding the solution, that we create problems for ourselves only to pursue that so-called solution. What an irony!

Working on Solution Manager, I am witness to how many problems we create in the course of our projects, with a focus on Pre-Sales at that, only to find solutions to them. We draw a sadistic satisfaction out of creating weird problems and finding awkward solutions to them. It seems ironical but ironical is life.

The algorithm is simple. If you have problems, find a solution. If you have a solution, make it a problem and find a solution for it now and the cycle continues...

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At May 19, 2007 7:00 PM, Blogger Saraswathi said...

Very true Naresh.

Coming to work, I agree the routine really gets on your nerves but after a period of 7-8 months you actually start loving your job. You just need the right perspective. I used to crib a lot about a boring routine and I still do but then since a month or so am actually immensely enjoying my work. Blogging in my company portal, meeting people who have been with the company since long, looking at "job" not just as work but as a tool to make us better, reading loads of books, discussions with colleagues and so on...

Coming to problems, I definitely agree with what you said. We all just can't live without problems. If one prob ends we make sure another starts. But then optimism is the only way. Am sure you know how much I crib but in spite of all that people tell me I smile 24*7. I think thats fair enough:)

At May 21, 2007 11:43 PM, Blogger Seshadri said...

very rightly said..problems are the only things that exist..u can never stop finding solutions to them ( or is it the other way round? )..but, at the end, life is nothing but identifying the right problems...many ppl find life boring just bcoz they r wrong in tagging non-existent problems as 'issues'..and get entangled in solving these, and getting themselves stuck in this endless cycle..that's probably why the question "what is ur aim in life" makes more sense..its a universal problem :)

At September 27, 2007 5:25 PM, Blogger katalin said...

..well what if you do not know where teh problem lies.I stopped making plans after I failed miserably in a plan which I was so confident of...Now I don't feel like making a plan but this has left my life so listless n aim less that I end up getting bored.This is painful considering m talented with a good job,health n loving family..
I agree with saraswathi when she says people think m humorous, charming & helpful but i know wats going on inside me...
May be I am using this as an outlet...neway..happy blogging..


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