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Monday, April 30, 2007

Ethical Encroachment...

When one encroaches into the other's property, it becomes a Civil Case. But going by the way the Advertising World today treads, this has either been negated or it has been agreed upon that our conscience is not to be considered a property. Advertising today has taken a turn where it is omnipresent, no where can you go where there is no advertising.
Indian masses today attach their screen demi-gods or their sporting superheroes to the advertisements they feature in. Advertising for certain brands is all about outshining the competitor in consumer's mindspace. When one postulated that having a kid in an ad shot up revenue, advertisers turned child-lovers (p-word seemed too abrasive here ;) ). From SIM cards to Chyawanprash, Detergents to cars.. Kids sold everything.
Then advertisers realised that they couldnt make their dough through those pre-destined slots for their jingles, so they created an entirely new gamut of ideas. This observation struck me when I was watching a movie the other day. Taking names, I would save the review of the movie Ta Ra Rum Pum for another boring day when I would decide to write reviews for all the crap I witness over the weekend. The movie has got something to it. Once again, let me make it clear that I by no means am a content critic here. The movie, or infact the banner of Yash Raj Films, has got some amazing Marketing talent in it...
When in 1999, Subhash Ghai insured his film Taal, it was considered a marvellous decision against heavy losses incurred when heavy budget movies went without a trace. Today, YRF shows the way by marketing movies brilliantly, ofcourse Mr. Ghai should be applauded here again for his Marketing acumen in Yaadein where he made moolah by propagating brands.
Here again, in Ta Ra Rum Pum, the hero could have driven anything, but the director gave him a car. He could have driven a cycle, but that would have made the movie a rehash of an Aamir Khan starrer. Being an 'inspired from Cinderella Man' family drama, the hero could have done boxing, but then he wouldn't wear anything. Dont get me wrong, here comes the twist... Right from the word go, I was amazed by the moolah YRF could have raked in seeing the sponsors names so clearly on every frame, which included big names like Chevrolet, Good Year, Castrol among others... This is a smart way of minting money. It is better than banking on heroes and directors. In those intermediate frames where there were no sponsor images, I was looking for them. The movie had such an impact that when the character repeatedly refers to iPod, and someone in the audience to a race wears an Apple Cap, I felt it was an endorsement for Apple which doesnt seem true on hindsight for Apple hasnt penetrated into India so much to drive itself through a YRF film.
Finally, drawing the bottom line, the stark reality that hit my face is that the world everywhere is inches of Advertising space. There is no law that states you cannot encroach someone's private vision through forceful advertisement. Probably, this is what propelled pasting stickers of a news channel in aircraft, putting up posters at head level in gents loos. Taking it further, when we look around there are so many such advertising opportunities. I really find the Valet Parking system near areas like Vasant Vihar in Delhi a wonderful opportunity. Those multi million marvels could do with a car cover that endorsed anything related to a car or anything catchy. This would provide free service to the car owner and increased revenues to the Parking manager. There are many rickshaw pullers and auto drivers who crave for new clothes. So probably t-shirts, caps that endorse products can be given to them. They get clothing, and companies get advertising.
These have been done in a small scale at select places, but execution is a key which has been lost. Once that can be found out, one can completely encroach all private and personal spaces without a hiccup. Wait for a day when the night goorkha shouts 'Use Durex only' instead of 'Jaagte Raho' ;) If the consumer can recieve it, admen are ready for it, ethics can take a backseat!

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At April 30, 2007 4:56 PM, Blogger Saraswathi said...

As long as there are products in the market, companies will compete to advertise their product in every way possible. for that Durex one...

btw good observations in the post. Even the washrooms are not spared of advertisements.Yash raj films have become hunky and stylish movies, propagating brands rather than entertainment off late.

At April 30, 2007 10:51 PM, Blogger Prasoon said...

Rightly said.. The movie if you speak of has Castrol n Chevrolet to the core. GoodYear wouldn't have done much and Apple wouldn't have done anything at all.
Good thing that you actually brought out the memory of the adverts in Yaadein - we have all seen cold drinks n all being "not so subtly" advertized by the loyal heroes n heroines.
The way things are advertized is changing(a bit though) - Castrol will def get a nice boost from the flick btw.

At May 01, 2007 6:21 PM, Blogger shikha said...

well..i am dyin to watch ta ra rum pum..u know i like yash raj films...he he!!!but exam khatam hote hi i m gonna run to watch dat movie...well naresh dear.,..will u advertise for my still-to-be-company...i like ur idea of rick wala wearin brand t shirts...but dnt u think rick wala ki t shirt eve tak bilkul kharab ho jaegi?u know poor rickie has to be out all d time?

At May 01, 2007 10:55 PM, Blogger rohit said...

arey mama...asali katti laga rastunav kada....nee previous scraps chadivanu asali emi cheppakundaney anni cheputunavu ra....maaku andariki matram ful ga radam avutundhi bcoz v know everythin abt u....hahhahaha....enthaina nee talent ee talent ra


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