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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


When I met a good friend of mine after long the other day, she was reminded of having opened my blog a day or two earlier and she told me that she was shocked by the number of new posts that have been over the last few days.
Many people I know include the number of posts in their blogs, the visitors on their blog, the entries in their blogroll in their resume!
I earnestly believe blogging and writing can sure help sustain relationships, but a friend thinks otherwise!
There are people all over the blogosphere who say blogging is the answer to all their maladies and is an avenue for realising their own self.
What is in blogging that attracts most of us to it?! It is more about writing than blogging I suppose... Writing, to me, is THE best way to express yourself. Pitches in voice, expressions on face can always mislead or leave a scope for misinterpretation. But a right word chosen and written will is like a letter on a rock! It is here to stay for ages and is crystal clear in putting the point across. Probably that is the reason they consider Writing an art! It is indeed one. It is one art we all pursue single-mindedly hoping we master it one day, but deep down, we all know we cannot! Having a way with words is indeed very tough!
When we write out all our crap on to our own virtual spaces, people read it and connect to it. Sometimes I feel when we read blogs, we voluntarily tend to connect for the sake of it, for we are making an attempt to connect to the person. However, if a real connection is established, that sure paves way for good relations, which is why blogging is ever so famous.
When we are in the worst of moods, by destiny's grace, if we end up on a blog or a post that shares the feelings as ours, we no more feel left out and we connect to the writer no matter the nationality, color, creed, sex or occupation. We just get entangled into the emotions. This is where probably we get hooked on to blogs. A blog for a mood is what we look for. If we are happy or calm, we just browse through our friend's blogs and try to know whats happening. If we are down, we just browse through things uninterestedly and then when something really appealing strikes, the mood is changed. This is purely the power of writing, and we are indebted to Blogging as a tool for it.
An urge to write is what made me write all this, no matter what the writing was leading to and what it would mean. This is the beauty of writing. You can just write and write and claim nothing! So, folks, Keep Writing!

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At June 12, 2007 3:00 PM, Blogger Shubham said...

Nice entry. Definitely blogging acts both as a vent for emotions and as medium for greater interaction. May be a graph based on general readership can actually give out better findings and give concrete proof of what you are saying. Maybe using technorati it can be made.

At June 12, 2007 4:05 PM, Blogger TMaYaD said...

hey king, all that is fine. but could you please publish full post in the feeds rather than just an excerpt?

At June 15, 2007 3:21 AM, Blogger ATh0ught355 said...

My thoughts exactly : ) After all, if you can't write, what is the point of living?



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