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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Of Chemistry, fame and more!

After a long and tiring day, over heavy and delicious dinner, I was watching CNN-IBN. I have this great respect for Rajdeep Sardesai. He is one fire-brand journalist I was in awe of, I literally waited all day for The Big Fight on NDTV. The way he conducted the show was awesome! Then, suddenly, he left NDTV promising that he would come out with a brand new channel. Big Fight lost its sheen. Raat gayi, baat gayi types! One Rajdeep left, there was no fire in the show.
Rajdeep stood up to his promise of launching the channel by Dec 31st, 2005 and launched CNN-IBN recently! The channel looks like an amalgamation of CNN and NDTV, and Rajdeep, deeply in love with the 10:00 pm slot hosts a show called Face The Nation there. His voice and his charisma are all intact. But something is missing! This made me think that probably it is not just people, but what they are working with and how they are working is what brings out the talent in them. Probably its the chemistry they share that strikes a chord with the others.
Theres nothing special in KBC, nothing new in Amitabh Bachhan. But the two together are lethal! Probably, this is what they say are Made for each other! Prannoy Roy does a neat job elsewhere too, but Budget and Election Analysis, he just captivates your attention. We have many friends and acquaintances, but there are very few of them where can be at complete ease with ourselves. No pretensions, no prejudices. Probably, Chemistry is too important! Laloo cannot leave Bihar and Gujarat cannot bear the absence of Modi.
More about CNN-IBN, I dislike people who work for fame. I agree that fame is something each one of us enjoys, but then it is not all that we are working for. One thing that irks me in this new channel is how celebrities keep popping in. From Amitabh to Sachin, every one appears n convey their best wishes to Rajdeep and CNN-IBN. Why Rajdeep? God knows. First of all, celebs dropping in doesnt go well with news channels, added to it they take Rajdeep's name. It looks like Rajdeep wants that CEO tag. I firmly believe its teams that create wonders, not individuals. How much ever it many depend on the contributions of a single man, a team is over and above any single individual part of it. Working for your own share of fame is never good, its common good that will do you good.
I always have one sincere doubt. To what extent should a person trade off himself fore a team? Whenever I think of this question, I think of the friction I had with a friend when someone else edited his post that he had contributed to our mag. He had contributed because I asked him, and I couldnt help him for I was too much in love with the mag. Not that I regret it, but I just wanted to make my point.
Vivek, in a lovely comment to my last post, gave me answer to many questions. Probably, I will get one here too! And Vivek, you were right, as always! I will explain you the premise of my post later. :)


At December 28, 2005 6:04 PM, Blogger Rahul said...

Yo man. I loved that Vivek's comment.

And yes chemistry is very important to for a team to meet success. Apart from being not really the best 11, the very reason why the WORLD XI team went down so horribly against Australia was they never had any chemistry. Rumors about Inzamam and our Viru making fun of Graeme on the field were available.

Also newly formed clans in Counterstrike at college find it very difficult to win because there is not that co-ordination, in other teams I'd like to say game chemistry

When in a team people must realise what their role is. Sometimes you might have to contribute beyond your capabilites. Sometimes you might be extravagantly talented but might have to subdue our output because it's not very apt to the work you are currently committed to.

And trust me chemistry is never accomplished by anything as methodical as Software Engineering. Every member should be ready to play a brand new role, might be totally different from he expects from the team to allocate him, but he should realise the team expects it from him. This I'm saying under the context that the person already has the necessary skill set.

I remember my chemistry teacher telling me in school : In a compound, elements lose their natural properties giving rise to a new form which might be different in state and function thereby assuming a different role for itself in nature. That is how it happens with a team.

2H(2) + O(2) ---> 2H(2)O
If in future there's a water scarcity problem, kindly try and increase the chemistry between hydrogen and oxygen.



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